Psychotherapy:  the art of healing, personal growth, and fulfillment.

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Psychotherapy is a modern word for the ancient art of mental/emotional/ spiritual healing and integration. This happens through the use of language (talking) to guide the reprocessing and reconfiguration of mental schema and belief systems, clearing the perspective of maladaptions that previously occluded an experience of reality, so that the person has more presence and choice in any given moment.  

This happens through a complex process that is for me a science that ripens into art, just like playing a violin concerto is a mix of mathematical accuracy that is studied and trained and perfected, but is also equally an adaptive, present-moment expression of the unique conditions of that person and place and experience.

Many factors are present for me in this process, and I have to acknowledge that is unfair and simply false to parse them out into individual processes.  However, since people want to know how this “works”, I will say that it takes  non-judgmental awareness, anchored presence, compassionate support, objective reflection, and the use of statistically proven methods of cognitive inquiry and defusion techniques like CBT, mindfulness, EMDR,  IFS, The Work of Byron Katie, Jungian analysis and an umbrella model such as ACT.  

If that seems like a ridiculous mouthful of jargon, that’s because it is.  In the end, all I can really say is that I seem to be able to lead people into less suffering.  

I am trained in treating a wide variety of experiences, and specialize in addictions and mood disorders (particularly depression) and trauma.  I have also worked with clients suffering from anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, grief, psychotic disorders, anger and temperament issues (in youth and adults) personality disorders (particularly Borderline and OCPD) existential distress and spiritual conflicts.

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